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Known Bugs and Limitations

  1. Htool cannot effectively use the password option in a PVM host file. If you need it, start PVM manually and add all hosts (with a host file) before running htool.

  2. We have had problems with HeNCE execution failing on DEC PMAX (not Alpha) machines with all versions of PVM.

  3. HeNCE does not work with PVM 3.3 on DEC Alpha machines running PVM 3.3 under OSF/1 V1.2. HeNCE does appear to work with PVM 3.2.6 on this platform.

  4. There is a problem such that data written to standard output fails to appear in the htool output window. You can work around this by explicitly flushing standard output and then having the final node in your program delay for a few seconds. In ``C'' you would use fflush(stdout) and sleep(5), for example.

  5. Htool does not warn you if you fail to save a graph or cost matrix.
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