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Trouble Shooting

If you are having trouble using HeNCE, you may want to check some of these following points.

  1. Is environemt PVM_PATHset automatically to ``/pvm3'' when you login to any of the hosts in your virtual parallel machine? You must do this in your .cshrc or .profile (depending on your login shell) if you are using PVM 3.3 or later. Users of ksh might have troubles with this and should consult PVM's documentation on how to set PVM_PATH.

  2. Is PVM installed in ``/pvm3?''

  3. Are you running pvm version 3.2.4 or later? You can check by running the pvm console ``/pvm3/lib/pvm'' and entering ``version'' followed by ``halt'' to exit the console.

  4. Is ``/pvm3/bin/ARCH'' in your path for every host in your virtual parallel machine. ``ARCH'' is a PVM architecture name.

  5. Can you rlogin from your htool host to all hosts in your virtual parallel machine without entering a password? If not, see ``The Default PVM Environment'' above.

  6. Does PVM work by itself? You can test it by running one its example programs.

  7. Did you compile HeNCE with the same version of PVM that is installed in ``/pvm3?''

  8. The binary distribution of HeNCE for Sun 4 machines assumes that you use the openwindows libraries as distributed with SunOS 4.1.3 (Solaris 1.1). You may have to set environment variable LD_LIBRARY_PATHto /usr/openwin/lib if htool complains about a missing library.

    setenv LD_LIBRARY_PATH /usr/openwin/lib
Wed Jun 15 15:13:55 EDT 1994