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file	links.html
for	related resources

file	dtoa.c
by	David Gay
for	ANSI C or C++ source for functions strtod and dtoa that do
,	decimal-to-binary and binary-to-decimal conversions.  Comments
,	at the beginning describe various preprocessor variables that
,	can be defined to make this code work with binary IEEE, VAX,
,	or IBM-mainframe arithmetic.  A paper is available at
,	http://cm.bell-labs.com/cm/cs/doc/90/4-10.ps.gz

file	g_fmt.c
by	David Gay
for	ANSI C or C++ source for function g_fmt(char *, double):
,	with help from dtoa, g_fmt(buf, x) sets buf to the shortest
,	decimal string that correctly rounds to x and returns buf.

file	rnd_prod.s
,	Assembly code, usable under UNIX UTS System V Release 2.6b,
,	that uses IBM-mainframe extended-precision floating-point
,	instructions to compute rounded products and quotients.

file	testbase
by	Vern Paxson
for	announcing ftp access for test program

file	changes

file	ucbtest.tgz
for	testing certain difficult cases of IEEE 754 floating-point arithmetic
by	dgh@validgh.com (David G. Hough) et al.
lang	C
size	1 megabyte
#	Retrieve by ftp or http, not email.

file	fp2.tgz
for	formal definitions and theorems, with proofs, about floating-point
,	numbers, for use with Coq (http://coq.inria.fr/).

file	gdtoa.tgz
for	generalization of dtoa.c to other IEEE and IEEE-like precisions
,	(float, extended, quad) and "double double".  Rounding
,	directions may be specified; decimal -> interval is an alternative.

file	p9fmt.tgz
for	Unix port of the Plan 9 formatted I/O package
by	Rob Pike and Ken Thompson
lang	C