Tools for BibTeX support

Appendix D)  

A sample collection of empty and filled-in BibTeX entry types is
provided separately in the file bibnet/tools/examples/template.bib.
The empty templates can be used in editors less powerful than Emacs.
The files bibnet/tools/examples/template.bib is a sample BibTeX
bibliography file with empty templates for each document type, and one
real example of each document type.

The file bibnet/tools/examples/template.ltx is a LaTeX wrapper for
printing template.bib.  These files can be processed like this:

        make BIB=template

or more laboriously, providing the template.twx file is present,

        latex template.ltx
        bibtex template
        latex template.ltx
        latex template.ltx

This processing requires BibTeX and LaTeX style files which are found
in the same directory as the template.* files.

There is also excellent GNU Emacs editing support for entry and
maintenance of BibTeX files; several additional *.el (Emacs Lisp)
files are included in the bibnet/tools/emacs tree, and the index file
there gives a short summary of their contents.

There are a number of tools for bibliography editing, prettyprinting,
sorting, ordering, merging, and syntax checking in bibnet/tools/software.

The prettyprinter and syntax checker is called bibclean, and is
described in this article:

@String{TUGboat = "TUGBoat"}

  author =       "Nelson H. F. Beebe",
  title =        "Bibliography Prettyprinting and Syntax Checking",
  journal =      TUGboat,
  year =         "1993",
  volume =       "14",
  number =       "4",
  pages =        "395--419",
  note =         dec,
  bibdate =      "Fri Dec 31 12:15:07 1993",

A copy of that paper is included in the bibclean distribution by
permission of the TUGboat editors.  The most recent version is found
in the archive files bibnet/tools/software/bibclean-2.08.*.