Netlib (other than toms) was available on CD-ROM from the following two companies, but those copies are by now rather out of date even if you can get them. For the moment, downloading files across the net seems to be the only option.

Prime Time Freeware
370 Altair Way, Suite 150
Sunnyvale, CA 94086, USA
Tel: +1 408-433-9662; Fax: +1 408-433-0727
and from
Walnut Creek CDROM
4041 Pike Lane, Ste D-902
Concord CA 94520, USA
Tel: +1 800-786-9907; Fax: +1 510-674-0821
Both companies have done an excellent job. The PTF version uses compressed tar files and therefore has room to combine netlib with other mathematical and statistical freeware. The Walnut Creek version focuses exclusively on netlib and unpacks everything for greater convenience of reading. Walnut Creek has generously offered a courtesy copy of their disk to authors who have contributed code to netlib.

Although much of the collection is quite stable, there are parts that change or for some reason did not make it onto the CD-ROMs. When in doubt, check or for the latest version.