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VAMPIR: Visualization and Analysis
of MPI Resources

W.E. Nagel, A. Arnold, M. Weber
Central Institute for Applied Mathematics
Research Centre Jülich (KFA)
D-52425 Jülich, Germany

H.-Ch. Hoppe, K. Solchenbach
Hermülheimer Str. 10
D-50321 Brühl, Germany


Performance analysis most often is based on the detailed knowledge of program behavior. One option to get this information is tracing. Based on the research tool PARvis, the visualization environment VAMPIR was developed at KFA which now supports the new message passing standard MPI. VAMPIR translates a given trace file into a variety of graphical views, e.g., state diagrams, activity charts, time-line displays, and statistics. Moreover, it supports an animation mode that can help to locate performance bottlenecks, and it provides flexible filter operations to reduce the amount of information displayed. The most interesting part of VAMPIR is the powerful zooming feature that allows to identify problems at any level of detail.
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