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4.4 Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, New Mexico - 155.400 Gflop/s

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In December, 1991 Los Alamos National Laboratory was named as one of two national high performance computing research center (HPCRC) sites by the Department of Energy's (DOE) HPCC Program. The Advanced Computing Laboratory (ACL) at LANL is the foundation upon which this center is being built. The goal of the ACL as an HPCRC is to promote technology transfer in advanced computing to industry, academia, and other national laboratories through the operation of an experimental computational laboratory. The ACL will support an advanced environment for computational scientists working together in interdisciplinary teams to solve today's Grand Challenges, forming the building blocks of tomorrow's computing environment and educating others in the tools of the trade. Together, the Grand Challenge problems, the GRAnd Challenge Computing Environment (GRACCE), and the ACL form the nucleus of the HPCRC.

The main computational resources at LANL are a 1056 node CM-5, the largest CM-5 ever built, as well as a large 512 processor Cray T3D.
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