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4.11 Japan Atomic Energy Institute, Japan - 75.918 Gflop/s


As the central area of its research and development, the Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute(JAERI) has continued to search for future opportunities since Japan started development and utilization of atomic energy. At present, JAERI aims at developing innovative technologies such as new atomic energy, maintenance and security of higher safety in nuclear facilities, and expanded utilization of radiation, and it is coping with challenges which are yet known. As an organization researching atomic energy in general, JAERI has a variety of R&D themes, most prominently from the stance of a builder of the future, "to build tomorrow with atomic energy".

This cannot be achieved without integrating a variety of excellent technologies. In JAERI, five Research Establishments and two Research Facilities are engaging in their respective research activities and to integrate these activities enables the unique research and development at JAERI. JAERI's comprehensive research activities, not only serve as scientific and technological basis for nuclear development in Japan, but also contribute to the nuclear development of all over the world through international cooperation.

In the Research Support Computing and Information Systems Center a huge amount of scientific and engineering computation indispensable for key R&Ds is processed by main computer systems. To also meet the needs of advanced R&Ds, pioneering applications such as parallel computing are now under development.
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