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4.9 University of Tokyo, Japan - 83.776 Gflop/s


The Computer Centre was established in 1965 as a national shared facility to offer computing, data processing and information retrieval to researchers in universities, junior colleges and specialized high schools and graduate students. Currently, the Centre is one of 7 such shared computer centers and is making close contact, information interchange and coordination with other centers and also with NACSIS (National Center for Science Information System) through various committees, coordinating meetings and research groups.

The main system is a loosely-coupled multiprocessing system consisting of a super- computer HITAC S-3800/480 (4 processors, 2GB of main storage, 16GB of extended storage), general-purpose computers HITAC M-880/310 (3 processors, 1GB of main storage, 4GB of extended storage) and HITAC M-682H(2 processors, 256MB of main storage). Users can access the same program and data files and execute programs in any of the computers of choice, because large- capacity discs and a magnetic-tape library (an automatic handling system of 3000 tapes) are shared by all the above computers. Besides HITAC VOS3, UNIX (OSF/1) is available as one of the OSs. HITAC M-880/310 Of the above systems, the S-3800/480 system is one of the fastest supercomputers in the world. The peak performance of each processor is 8 GFLOPS making the total 32 GFLOPS.
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