#	The programs in this directory are "student" versions that
#	restrict problem sizes (to 300 variables and 300 general
#	constraints) and are intended for noncommercial use.
#	For serious commercial use, you should (eventually) license
#	commercial versions, even if your applications never exceed
#	the limits of the student versions.

#	SGI IRIX binaries (should run under IRIX 5.x and 6.x)


file	ampl.gz
for	student ampl processor

file	cplex.tgz
for	gzipped tar file with student CPLEX 8.0 solver and LICENSE

file	minos.gz
for	student MINOS solver

file	gjh.gz
for	"solver" that computes the objective gradient (g), the constraint
,	Jacobian (J), and the Hessian of the Lagrangian (H) at the
,	current point (primal and dual variable values).  The solver
,	message shows commands to read these as params and delete
,	the temporary file that conveys them.  When multiple objectives
,	are present, the first is used unless the objectives have suffix
,	objweight ==> g is the gradient of the weighted sum of objectives.
,	Source = /netlib/ampl/solvers/examples/gjh.c.

file	lpsolve.gz
for	LP/MIP solver based on lp_solve 3.2; see ampl/solvers/lpsolve/README

file	snopt.gz
for	student SNOPT solver