#	The programs in this directory are "student" versions that
#	restrict problem sizes (to 300 variables and 300 general
#	constraints) and are intended for noncommercial use.
#	For serious commercial use, you should (eventually) license
#	commercial versions, even if your applications never exceed
#	the limits of the student versions.

file	readme

file	ampl.exe.gz
for	Win32 "console" version of the AMPL processor;
,	runs under MS Windows 95, 98, or NT.
size	389 kB

file	ampltabl.dll.gz
for	standard ODBC table handler;
,	see http://www.ampl.com/ampl/NEW/tables.html

file	cplex.zip
for	student CPLEX 11.0.1 solver (Win32 console version), cplex110.dll
,	(must be in the same directory as cplex.exe), LICENSE.txt

file	exhelp32.exe.gz
for	helping ampl.exe (and wampl.exe) run DOS solvers.

file	minos.exe.gz
for	student MINOS solver (Win32 console version)

file	gjh.exe.gz
for	"solver" that computes the objective gradient (g), the constraint
,	Jacobian (J), and the Hessian of the Lagrangian (H) at the
,	current point (primal and dual variable values).  The solver
,	message shows commands to read these as params and delete
,	the temporary file that conveys them.  When multiple objectives
,	are present, the first is used unless the objectives have suffix
,	objweight ==> g is the gradient of the weighted sum of objectives.
,	Source = /netlib/ampl/solvers/examples/gjh.c.

file	gurobi.zip
for	student GUROBI solver for LP/MIP problems

file	lpsolve.exe.gz
for	LP/MIP solver based on lp_solve 4.0; see ampl/solvers/lpsolve/README

file	readme.sw
for	information about using scrolling windows provided by sw.exe

file	sw.exe.gz
for	scrolling windows with accessible text for simple console programs

file	swsrc.zip
for	source for sw.exe

file	wampl.exe.gz
for	Updated version of the WAMPL.EXE (Windows AMPL) that came
,	with the original AMPL Plus (starting in 1997).  Only useful in
,	connection with other files that accompanied the AMPL book.
,	Superceded by ampl.exe and AMPL Plus 1.6.
size	414 kB

file	snopt.exe.gz
for	student SNOPT solver (Win32 console version)