#	The programs in this directory are "student" versions that
#	restrict problem sizes (to 300 variables and 300 general
#	constraints) and are intended for noncommercial use.
#	For serious commercial use, you should (eventually) license
#	commercial versions, even if your applications never exceed
#	the limits of the student versions.

#	Linux (2.0.34) DEC Alpha binaries (which work with Red Hat
#	Linux 5.x amd 6.x but not 4.x, due to a change in the format
#	of executable files)


file	ampl.gz
for	student AMPL processor

file	minos.gz
for	student MINOS solver

file	lpsolve.gz
for	LP/MIP solver based on lp_solve 3.2; see ampl/solvers/lpsolve/README

file	snopt.gz
for	student SNOPT solver